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Tracciati per bici da strada in Ötztal

Alpine Tour recommended route

From Vent to Fluchtkogel at 3,500 m

Alpine Tour · Vent
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  • Fluchtkogel
    Photo: Ötztal
Vent - Hochjoch Hospiz - Brandenburger Haus - Fluchtkogel - Vernagthütte - Vent
Distance 31.6 km
14:00 h
1,600 m
1,600 m
3,500 m
1,900 m
3,500 m high Fluchtkogel is located amidst Austria’s largest connected glacier area. Surrounded by a silvery white coat of snow and shimmering ice, the mountain presents itself as a truly impressive natural wonder.

All those who plan to climb it can look forward to a fairly spectacular glacier tour: every step on this route is characterized by both breathtaking beauty and alpine challenge. The crunching snow under your feet and the quiet rumbling of the glaciers in the distance create a very special and almost mystical atmosphere on your ascent. At its summit, Fluchtkogel rewards all efforts with awe-inspiring views of the highest peaks in the Ötztal Alps. Up here, in the midst of icy splendor, time seems to stand still while untouched nature reveals its sublime beauty in all its glory.

Due to its seemingly secluded aura, the mountain is also considered a real insider tip among alpinists. Not too many people venture across the almost endless ice-covered landscape, and if they do, they should definitely be accompanied by a professional mountain guide with the appropriate equipment!

On the ascent route there are three excellent options as a base camp for an overnight stay or a refreshment stop. Hochjoch Hospiz far away in the furthest part of Rofental near Hintereisferner, Brandenburger Haus in the middle of the glaciers in the foothills of Fluchtkogel and Vernagthütte on the way back to Vent.

Author’s recommendation

Glacier tour - glacier equipment necessary

Reservation of the hut sleeping places necessary!

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Ötztal Tourismus
Update: March 19, 2024
Highest point
3,500 m
Lowest point
1,900 m
Best time of year

Track types

Dirt road 11.57%Path 63.32%Traces of trail 25.09%
Dirt road
3.7 km
20 km
Traces of trail
7.9 km
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Rest stops

Gasthof Rofenhof
Hochjoch Hospiz
Brandenburger Haus

Safety information

For high alpine experienced mountaineers that are free from vertigo & surefooted. Excellent physical condition, extensive mountain experience, alpine climbing gear, safety- and orientation guide, good weather conditions recommended. Please pay attention to the current weather report: www.oetztal.com

Tips and hints

More details about hiking In Ötztal: https://www.oetztal.com/wandern 


46.860641, 10.913706
46°51'38.3"N 10°54'49.3"E
32T 645866 5191455



Turn-by-turn directions

Vent - Hochjoch Hospiz

From Vent follow the signposted trail to Rofen and cross the spectacular Rofen suspension bridge. From Rofen continue through the very impressive landscape of Rofental up to the goods lift of Vernagthütte. From here continue walking through the striking Rofenschlucht ravine, along the first moderately then steeply ascending path up to Hochjoch Hospiz (2,413 m). Walking time: approx. 3 hours


Hochjoch Hospiz - Brandenburger Haus

From there, follow the signs to Brandenburger Haus and keep left in steeper serpentines up the slope to the wildly rugged glacier tongue of Kesselwandferner. Mittlere and Hintere Guslarspitze summits extend to the right. The last part of the trail leads over Kesselwandferner (glacier equipment required, mountain guide recommended!) to Brandenburger Haus (3,277 m). Walking time: approx. 3 hours.


Brandenburger Haus - Fluchtkogel at 3,500 m

From Brandenburger Haus northwards over Kesselwandferner glacier towards Oberes Guslarjoch (3,361 m). From here steeply uphill over the corn snow slope (sometimes icy). Finally the terrain flattens out again before reaching the summit of Fluchtkogel (3,500 m). Walking time: approx. 2 hours


Fluchtkogel - Vernagthütte

From the summit, descend on the same path to Oberes Guslarjoch saddleback. Then hike down into the southeastern glacier basin of Fluchtkogel and further on to the glacier snout of Guslarferner. From Obrometer descend more steeply across a moraine and further down to Vernagthütte (2,755 m). Walking time: approx. 3 hours


Vernagthütte - Vent

From Vernagthütte along a moderately steep descent route through Vernagtbachtal side valley and Platteiberg. Down to Vernagthütte’s goods lift through Rofental via the hamlet of Rofen and back to Vent (1,900 m). Walking time: approx. 3 hours


Total walking distance

Ascent: from Vent to the summit - approx. 8 hours walking time

Descent: via Vernagthütte to Vent - approx. 6 hours walking time

Public transport

Travel safe and comfortable with the train to the Ötztal Bahnhof train station. Last stop and exit point is the train station Ötztal Bahnhof. Afterwards you can travel smoothly and quick with the public transport or our local taxi companies through the valley to your desired destination. Please find the current bus timetable here: http://fahrplan.vvt.at


The car drive to the Ötztal valley. Situated in Tirol, the Ötztal valley set off in southerly direction and is the longest side valley in the Eastern Alps. The journey with the car leads you through the Inntal valley to the entrance of the valley and further on through the valley. Among the toll motorways you can also use the country roads. A route planner will show you the easiest and most convenient way: https://www.google.at/maps


The following parking options are available in the mountaineering village Vent

- In summertime in front of the village (parking machine, only coins or EC card) and at the chairlift (at the ticket office of the mountain railways)

Cost: € 5,00 per day/car


46.860641, 10.913706
46°51'38.3"N 10°54'49.3"E
32T 645866 5191455
Get there by train, car, bike, or on foot!

Book recommendation by the author

Ötztaler Wanderbuch | Helga Marberger | Verlag: Tyrolia

Author’s map recommendations

Kompass #042 | Inneres Ötztal und Pitztal, Gurgler Tal, Venter Tal | 1:25.000

Kompass #43 | Ötztaler Alpen, Ötztal, Pitztal | 1:50.000

Freytag&Bernd WK 251  | Ötztal, Pitztal, Kaunertal, Wildspitze  | 1:25:000

Kompass | Bike- & Wanderkarte Ötztal | 1:35.000


Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, ankle-high walking boots, wind-, rain- & sun protection, hat, possibly gloves, is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.

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31.6 km
14:00 h
1,600 m
1,600 m
Highest point
3,500 m
Lowest point
1,900 m
Round trip Scenic Refreshment stops available Summit route Exposed sections Scrambling required Ridge traverse


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