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Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

lun, 18.11.2019

Morning Afternoon
-4°C 1°C
30%Precipitation risk 30%Precipitation risk

Foehny – friendly Only weak southerly barrier effects

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

mar, 19.11.2019

Morning Afternoon
0°C 2°C
90%Precipitation risk 80%Precipitation risk

A new Atlantic low will result in bad weather

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

mer, 20.11.2019

Morning Afternoon
-3°C 5°C
40%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

Significant weather improvement

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

gio, 21.11.2019

Morning Afternoon
-4°C 4°C
0%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

Foehny – changeable Autumnally cold

Sölden/Hochsölden 1.350m/3.340m

ven, 22.11.2019

Morning Afternoon
-1°C 5°C
40%Precipitation risk 30%Precipitation risk

Foehny – changeable Autumnally cold

Days Preview

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Day Outlook

Short period of improved conditions – only weak southerly barrier effects! Between a low over Germany which will move on and a new low over Italy a weak high-pressure influence with longer sunny spells will be noticeable. However, a heavy south foehn will blow in the mountains and result in weak southerly barrier effects at the Alpine divide. Towards the evening, the cloudiness will rapidly increase from the south.


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m -11°C -10°C
Mountain2.000 m -5°C -4°C
Valley1.377 m -4°C 1°C


Morning: Strong

Afternoon: Strong

Hours of Sun

max. 2 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 30%

Afternoon: 30%

Zero Degree Limit

1300 m

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