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Behavior on the track - in brief

1. Applicable traffic regulations must be adhered to. Reference is made to the registration terms and participation conditions.

2. Participants must respect orders and instructions given by policemen, race officials or race directors.

3. Approved cycle helmets are compulsory.

4. Private catering and/or service vehicles or other accompanying vehicles (car, e-bike, motorcycle, scooter, etc.) are not permitted. Cyclists who are not registered are not allowed to enter one of the racing groups

5. Behave fairly and sportily, also pay attention to the safety of all other participants and people involved.

6. The use of third-party "pushing help" by persons who are not part of the race is not permitted. Participants cycling in the slipstream of unregistered cyclists can be disqualified.

7. It is strictly forbidden to throw away waste (for example gel packs) outside the refreshment stations. Ignoring this rule will result in a disqualification or even in a complete suspension of the cyclist. Severe controls will be carried out in the course of the race (for example helmet cameras used by motorcyclists).

8. A gross violation of these terms and conditions of participation or the general rules and regulations may result - at the sole discretion of the organizer - in the cancellation of the registration, refusal to participate in the event, disqualification from the event and/or suspension for future events and blocked registrations.

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