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Starting place in combination with accommodation

Package deal accommodation & starting place

Those who were not lucky enough to receive a starting place for the Ötztal cycle marathon in the official draw, still have the opportunity to take part in the event. When booking a package (minimum stay 4 - 7 nights in a category of your choice), a starting place for registered athletes is guaranteed. But you have to be fast! The package deals can be booked only on two days in March.

There is no right for a starting place for bookings made already before.

Due to overwhelming demand, we were able to give away another 500 starting places in combination with accommodation bookings. This is valid for all cyclists who officially registered in February but didn't get a starting place in the official drawing.

Package bookings can be made only online via our website on the below mentioned days from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. A minimum duration of stay is required.

There is a contingent of 500 starting places, which will distribute over the following dates. If some starting places have not been sold, they will be released again for the following dates:

14 & 15 March 2022: minimum stay of 7 nights (or longer)
16 & 17 March 2022: minimum stay of 6 nights (or longer)
21 & 22 March 2022: minimum stay of 5 nights (or longer)
23 & 24 March 2022: minimum stay of 4 nights (or longer)

But don't wait too long - the limited number of starting places will be sold out very quickly!

Important information about package bookings

Please read the following information carefully BEFORE you book a package deal!


In general

The package deal connected to the Ötztal cycle marathon is exclusively available during the Ötztal cycle marathon (28 August 2022) period. Only online bookings are accepted!

A minimum stay of 4 to 7 nights is required. The package price does NOT include the resort tax of € 3.50 per adult/night – which must be paid in cash on the spot, directly in your accommodation.

Apart from that, the package deal is available as participant's package with or without accompanying person(s) who don't take part in the sports event.

Additionally, the package deal also includes a guaranteed starting place (in the 2nd start group) in the marathon for registered athletes. This starting place cannot be assigned to another person. And it is not possible to transfer it to the following year.

In case of cancellation, which can be made at the booking center in writing only, the following cancellation fees must be paid:

until 24 June 2022
no cancellation fee
from 25 June 2022
50 % of the total package price
from 25 July 2022
70 % of the total package price
from 10 August 2022
85 % of the total package price
No Show
100 % of the total package price

In case of cancellation no additional processing fee will be deducted.

If a package booking is cancelled also the starting place will be no longer valid! We strongly recommend a cancellation insurance - please check the travel insurance link in your booking confirmation.


What exactly is the Ötztal Inside Summer Card?

The package can be booked online either with or without Ötztal Inside Summer Card - depending on the accommodation you choose in the booking process:

  • Package WITH Ötztal Inside Summer Card
    If you have chosen a "Summer Card Partner Lodging" you receive the ÖTZTAL INSIDE SUMMER CARD. This holiday pass includes many highlights in Ötztal - for example: free use of summer mountain lifts, public bus lines, free admission to museums, swimming pools, lakes, hiking program, AREA 47 etc.
  • Package WITHOUT Ötztal Inside Summer Card
    If you did not select a "Summer Card Partner Lodging" you won't receive a holiday pass that is already included. But you can purchase the ÖTZTAL INSIDE SUMMER CARD on the spot.

More detailed information


Where and when can I book this package?

The package is available only online at our website www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com under "Accommodation & Resort Info / Packages including starting place". It can be booked online on the days listed below between 08:00 am and 12:00 noon; a minimum stay is required.

A limited number of 500 starting places is available, which will be distributed over the following days. If some starting places are not sold they will be transferred to other dates:

14 & 15 March 2022: minimum stay 7 nights (or longer)
16 & 17 March 2022: minimum stay 6 nights (or longer)
21 & 22 March 2022: minimum stay 5 nights (or longer)
23 & 24 March 2022: minimum stay 4 nights (or longer)

For valid bookings your full address, the correct first and last name and date of birth of all (accompanying) persons are absolutely necessary.


How can I make a booking for more than 6 persons?

Due to a limited number of starting places (500) the package deal is only bookable for a maximum of 6 persons. Therefore 2 or more separate bookings are required for bigger groups.

What happens if a participant does not arrive or cannot start?
There is no right for a refund of the accommodation or the starting place. The booking remains valid so that the other participants do not lose their starting places.


Which accommodation categories are available?

Booking the package you can choose from all accommodation categories in Ötztal, ranging from holiday apartments and private B&Bs to hotels for all pocket books.


Any important details about choosing the number of starting places?

You can book starting places (max. 6) according to the number of registered athletes, which means you are allowed to book one starting place per registered cyclist! If the number of starting places does not correspond with the number of persons in the package booking (e.g. apartment for 6 person and 2 starting places), then enter the following into the "MESSAGE" box: first name and last name of the athletes who will take part in the marathon. The athlete(s) with starting place must be part of the completed booking.

The starting place is bound to the booking. This booking cannot be changed afterwards. If you cancel the booking also your starting place for the marathon won't be valid anymore - it is not possible to assign a starting place to assign person.


When is my package booking committed?

After completing your package booking it is legally binding. The contract is made between both contractual partners - the "Guest" and "Ötztal Tourismus Incoming GmbH" (short: ÖTZTAL INCOMING). Please note that the package booking is guaranteed only after 100% prepayment by credit card or by bank transfer to the bank account of ÖTZTAL INCOMING within 10 days of booking. Only after receipt of payment the athlete's name will be displayed in the starting list. When paying by credit card, a transaction time of 14 days must be considered.


How can I make this advance payment?

The amount must be paid in full and in only one transaction by bank transfer or by credit card (Mastercard, VISA). The contract partner has to bear all costs incurred (e.g. bank charges). Find more detailed information in your booking confirmation which will be sent via e-mail to the contract partner after booking has been completed.


What to do if a guest cancels the booking?

If the package booking is cancelled for whatever reason, a written message - containing also the reason for the cancellation - must be sent immediately to ÖTZTAL INCOMING: incoming@oetztal.com. The cancellation is valid from the moment you receive a written confirmation of the cancellation!


Which reasons cause an automatic cancellation by the booking center?

The following circumstances result in an automatic cancellation of the booked package without prior notice:

  • wrong home address and e-mail address
  • incorrect arrival and/or departure date: can't be changed afterwards
  • no matching personal data: first name and last name and date of birth of the athlete(s) must correspond with official registration data
  • the athlete who gets the starting place is not part of the package booking
  • double bookings: using the same names for more than one booking
  • a starting place was booked for an athlete who has not registered
  • IMPORTANT: If you book a package deal for a minimum of 7 nights on the first day of sale, and if you book another package deal for less nights for the same athletes in the following days, both (all) bookings will be cancelled.

Please note that you cannot change - for example - arrival/departure dates and that no additional person can be added once you have booked the package deal. In this case, send a request to incoming@oetztal.com. If there are vacancies, an additional booking will be made at the accommodation (without starting place).

Contact booking center

Achweg 5 I 6450 Sölden I Austria
T + 43 57200 916
incoming@oetztal.com | www.incoming.oetztal.com

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