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I have a dream

40th Ötztal Cycle Marathon

29.08.2021 | Sölden

The epic Ötztaler. Every year some 4000 racing cyclists have a dream: to conquer the Alps' probably most demanding cycle marathon in the Alps. The race course covers 238 kilometers, leading from Sölden over 4 Alpine passes (Kühtai saddle, Brenner pass, Jaufen pass and Timmelsjoch) to South Tyrol and back again. The participants master incredible 5500 altitude meters, the fastest cyclists reach the finish line in a record time of just over seven hours. Do you have this dream, too?

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Ötztaler Radmarathon on ROUVY

Conquer virtually the legendary mountain stages of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon from 20.11. to 19.12. 2021. Join in »


We are not the only ones preparing intensively for the #ÖtztalerRadmarathon2021 but you are as well already in the middle of preparation programs.

Should I register at all? Do I really have enough time for training, job & family? In the course of the next 40 weeks we will take a closer look at the world of thoughts of an Ötztaler participant! #ÖRMDIARY

#40 "See you next year."

Signed, sealed and delivered. I have a guaranteed starting place in the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2021. Earlier than ever...


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#39 "The question of meaning."

I don't even ask myself if it makes sense. That would complicate matters even more. Because what's the point of starting everything all over again?


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#38 "Heroic Stories."

The first snowflakes have already fallen on the glacier slopes high above Sölden. Now it is the turn of "the others". Now Ötztal belongs to them...


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#37 "Weak points analysis."

My father always said: "Recognizing a problem is already solving half the problem." Right. But my father wasn't a road racing cyclist...


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#36 "Certainly never again."

Surely never again? I've thought and said that so many times. But I never did it. Certainly never again is always an emotional statement. Mostly you say it without thinking...


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#35 "Pride."

I have no idea how big pride can get. Is there probably a physiological limit? I'm just saying. Before your chest might burst or break apart. I've never heard of such a case...


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#34 "Finisher jersey."

If it says "Finisher", there has to be a finisher inside. That's the real finisher spirit. Because only who crosses the finish line is a true finisher...


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#33 "Race weekend."

The very last stress-free weekend is over. It's the racing weekend. The countdown is already on and the maximum heart rate will be reached soon. What a fabulous feeling. Full attention to the weather forecast now...


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Ötztal Cycle Marathon 2021
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