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Ötztal Cycle Marathon

25 July to mid-October 2020

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Ötztaler Cycle Marathon

The epic Ötztaler. Every year some 4000 racing cyclists have a dream: to conquer the Alps' probably most demanding cycle marathon in the Alps. The race course covers 238 kilometers, leading from Sölden over 4 Alpine passes (Kühtai saddle, Brenner pass, Jaufen pass and Timmelsjoch) to South Tyrol and back again. The participants master incredible 5500 altitude meters, the fastest cyclists reach the finish line in a record time of just over seven hours. Do you have this dream, too?


We are not the only ones preparing intensively for the #ÖtztalerRadmarathon2021 but you are as well already in the middle of preparation programs.

Should I register at all? Do I really have enough time for training, job & family? In the course of the next 40 weeks we will take a closer look at the world of thoughts of an Ötztaler participant! #ÖRMDIARY

#30 "Last doubts."

It won't be the last doubts that bother me. It's the bad conscience that accompanies me right from start like a parasite, feeding these doubts anew every day...


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#29 "The right cycle clothing?"

Ask me about the lottery numbers. Guessing this is more likely than hitting the jackpot when choosing the right cycle clothing. The weather is unpredictable...


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#28 "The right transmission."

No matter how big the lifebuoy is. It's too small. This eliminates the need for any boring discussion about the right transmission at the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon...


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#27 "Timmelsjoch Pass."

Almost there. But only almost. The last hurdle towards the coveted finisher jersey is also the highest one. And the longest. Timmelsjoch Pass...


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#26 "Jaufen Pass."

The mountain of fate par excellence. Jaufen Pass separates the wheat from the chaff. And the finisher from the broom car. Heroic deeds are decided here...


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#25 "Brenner Pass."

As an Ötzi candidate you don't need to be afraid of heights on the border to Italy. In comparison to the previous and the rest of the program, Brenner Pass is a small piece of cake...


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#24 "Kühtai Saddle."

Just to warm up. Especially after the quite fresh ride from Sölden to Oetz. Kühtai saddleback. A special pick-me-up. 18.5 uphill kilometers towards 2020 meters above sea level...


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#23 "Transfer of my starting place."

And once again I have to conjure up my mathematical gift. I ask myself who still has an overview...


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#22 „Ötztaler Social-Radmarathon.“

Wait a minute. No Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2020 but now I can still ride 238 km? That's really awesome.


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Canceled - Ötztaler Cycle Marathon

Dear participants in the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon,
Unfortunately, measures against Covid 19 force us to our knees and with a heavy heart we have to cancel the Ötztal Cycle Marathon planned for 30 August 2020.
Large events with crowds of people are prohibited throughout Austria until 31 August 2020. But also due to the current uncertainty for the subsequent weeks, we are forced to make this far-reaching decision.
Therefore we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon together with you on 29 August 2021.
We offer all participants, who have already submitted the entry fee or who still have to pay it by 28 April, to transfer their starting place automatically to next year.
If you are not interested in this offer, the starting place can be canceled free of charge until 28.02.2021 and the full entry fee will be refunded.
 All those participants who have booked a starting place through our "Package Deals" will be informed in detail at the beginning of next week.
We kindly ask all participants who have reserved their starting place via the Preparatory Camps to contact their accommodation provider directly.
Please contact your host directly about the room reservation so that you can find a solution together.
Thank you for working together, we hope that all of our dreams will come true on Sunday, 29 August 2021.
Stay healthy and use the remaining time for perfect preparation and training.

the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon Team

Ötztal Cycle Marathon 2020
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