Food and drink along the race course

Energy boost for even more power

A cycling race like the unrivaled Ötztaler requires not only mental strength but also an excellent physical condition and enough stamina. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to restore energy on a regular basis - by consuming also the right food. For this purpose there are several official refreshment stations along the route, which provide cyclists with a variety of food and drinks for free. Strengthened and invigorated, such an energy boost prepares the athletes for the next stage of the 238 kilometer long marathon.

Official Refreshment Stations

The organizer will provide the participants with several snack and drink stations (also called "refreshment stations") along the route for free, offering varied catering services:

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All food and refreshment stations are at the sole disposal of participants wearing a bib number.

"Private" Service or Refreshment Stations

If clubs, associations or individual participants would like to set up their own service or catering station, they must register in advance at the organizing office ( by announcing the name of a responsible person. The organization has the right to prohibit such private service or refreshment stations at its sole discretion.

If a club, association or individual participant installs a private service and/or refreshment station it is absolutely required to leave the area and the race course clean, including also the following kilometer. Therefore the entire club, the participants belonging to the club and the registered contact person are personally answerable. In case of complaints by the responsible road authorities all cycling participants of the respective club will be disqualified and suspended from the race also for the following 2 years. The extra costs for cleaning the track must be paid separately.

Service or refreshment stations along the marathon track may only be provided free of charge. Services against payment are strictly forbidden and can result in the disqualification of all participants belonging to the club. The organizer also reserves the right to take legal action against the provider of such services or refreshment stations against payment.

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