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Kühtai Rodeo

Ready for the wild ride...

If you really want to put your stamina, level of training and mental strength to the test, there is only one option - apart from the tracks in Ötztal: the Kühtai Rodeo. On this challenging tour both humans and (wheeled) machines are put to the acid test. And those who master all these exhausting ups and downs are ready for the next challenge: the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon!

Kühtai Rodeo

120 kilometers and 4300 altitude meters - the ultimate Kühtai Rodeo is considered a special test for highly ambitious mountain road cyclists. This truly "wild ride" comprises three ascents to Kühtai and three downhills. And there are also three different starting points: once you start in Kematen, once in Oetz and once in Haiming. The Kühtai Rodeo makes a truly hard challenge for sports aficionados but also promises a great sense of achievement to all those who conquer the mountain.

It is a considerable sporty challenge to reach Kühtai on a road bicycle from three different starting points - Kematen, Haiming and Oetz. No matter which starting point, Kühtai is one of the toughest mountain routes that can be conquered in the greater Innsbruck area. Starting from Kematen, the difference in altitude is 1393 meters on 23.93 kilometers. But that's still not enough for many ambitious mountain road cyclists: more and more sportspeople want to take part in the Kühtai Rodeo - where they reach Kühtai from all three starting points within a single day: 122 kilometers covering 4250 altitude meters. If you can do this, you are a real "Kühtai Cowboy" or "Kühtai Cowgirl". Those who have already reached Kühtai from the village of Kematen, follow the Rodeo route leading over "Sattele" area down to Haiming and from there uphill again to "Sattele". The second downhill stretch takes you to Oetz, then you return to Kühtai. The end of the challenge is signed by a speedy downhill track back to Kematen.

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