Word of thanks

More than 1000 persons help in organizing the ultimate Ötztaler Cycle Marathon, most of them are volunteers who work free of charge. We would like to give special thanks to Sölden‘s housewives for baking cakes and preparing sweets, and to the entire volunteer staff at the refreshment stations. We thank the following people for their supreme efforts and their sense of responsibility: the security staff, the police, the local authorities, the doctors, the countless ambulance teams and fire departments from North Tirol and the Italian Tyrol. THANK YOU so much for your great help!

Closing words - very important!

The organizing committee would especially appreciate if all participants in the cycling marathon are careful and concentrated, particularly at the beginning of the race across the Ötztal valley – as long as most of the cyclists are still riding in large groups.

It is absolutely NOT recommended to race down the valley at full speed, oncoming traffic is always possible. Don‘t throw away anything (gel packs etc.)!

The ultimate Ötztaler Cycle Marathon is held since 1982. The key stages have always been the four Alpine passes; the total distance can vary between 222 km and 254 km. The marathon course mentioned in point 14 has a total length of 227 km and features 5508 meters of altitude gain according to GPS data. Also the refreshment stations can change their location depending on the single stages. All these guide numbers can differ up to 5 km. Do not enter private properties in the Jaufenpass area: as some property rights have changed along the Jaufenpass Road legal actions of trespass are expected. Check the information signs accurately during the marathon weekend!

A SPECIAL WISH! Are you an „Ötztaler“ repeater? We kindly ask you to wear your „old“ finisher shirt on the marathon day - as the „Ötztaler Finisher Shirts“ attract the attention of all TV cameras

Important note: If all cyclists keep to the race regulations and avoid unfair double registrations only those will get a starting place who prepare properly for the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon. We officially detest double registrations and „traders“ of starting numbers! The organizing committee always improves the race regulations in order to close loopholes, turning special attention to irregular registrations leading to subsequent disqualifications. We wish you a perfect preparation on many kilometers and with plenty of elevation gain in the slipstream of your best friends. The „Ötztaler“ will create memories staying with you forever. The main aim of the organizing team is that all athletes again look forward with pleasure to the 2019 edition of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon.