Ötztaler Radmarathon bus schedule

Special schedule for 1 September 2019

The Ötztaler Cycle Marathon takes place on Sunday, 1 September 2019. Due to the Ötztal Cycle Marathon there are traffic blocks between Sölden & Oetz in the morning and Sölden &Timmelsjoch in the afternoon with traffic and bus line restrictions.

Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Ötztal out of the valley

(last runs before the road block)

12.06 pm Gurgl –> Imst
12.53 pm Sölden (departing from Sölden) –> Ötztal Bahnhof

All later bus lines run on schedule from Sölden Giggijochbahn.


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Ötztal into the valley

(last runs before the roadblock/first run after the roadblock/delayed bus)

6.05 am & 6:32 am Imst –> Oetz
7.25 am Haiming –> Gurgl: expect waiting times
11.15 am Imst –> Gurgl
7.15 pm Imst –> Gurgl

All bus lines in between times run according to plan to Sölden Giggijochbahn


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Sölden - Vent

(last run before the roadblock/first run after the roadblock)

11.20 am Sölden Innerschmiedhof –> Vent
7.30 pm Sölden Innerschmiedhof –> Vent


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Vent - Sölden

(last run before the roadblock/first run after the roadblock)

11.55 am Vent –> Sölden Kaisers
8.05 pm Vent –> Sölden Kaisers


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Sölden - Glacier

(last run before the roadblock)

12.35 pm Sölden Hainbach –> Glacier


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

Glacier - Sölden

(last run before the roadblock/special bus lines to Sölden Innerwald)

12.00 noon Tiefenbach Glacier –> Sölden Abzw. Schmiedhof
12.30 pm Tiefenbach Glacier –> Sölden Innerwald
1.20 pm Tiefenbach Glacier –> Sölden Innerwald

Shuttle service between Tiefenbach & Rettenbach Glacier during 1.15 pm and 4.20 pm according to the schedule.


Download - bus schedule (PDF)

  • The Windachtal bus line is operating according to the schedule - the bus stop will be relocated to the Parkhotel for the entire day. Download - bus schedule (PDF)
  • The On Call Taxi Hochsölden is cancelled for the entire day!
  • Bus Line Timmelsjoch/Moos and bus lines with final destination Timmelsjoch are cancelled for the entire day!
  • ATTENTION: the bus lines 8.05 am Ötztal Bahnhof –> Kühtai and 9.00 am Kühtai –> Oetz Gemeindeamt are cancelled! Download - bus schedule (PDF)


We appreciate your understanding. Thank You!

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