Prize Ceremony

The prize giving ceremony is an important part of the event. The prize ceremony will take place on the occasion of a short entertaining program on Sunday, 02 September at 8.45 pm in the sports hall of Freizeit Arena. The special honorary prizes and wonderful non-monetary prizes are only presented personally to the cyclists. Cups can also be picked up by substitutes after the prize ceremony while the non-monetary prizes will be no longer valid. Cups and non-monetary prizes cannot be sent either.

We are pleased to give you a warm welcome and to celebrate together the end of this great sports event. Additionally, we are extremely proud of the winners and ALL others who conquered the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon. Therefore we don't want to celebrate a winner as long as other cyclists are still on the marathon course. The following categories and classes will receive prizes: overall female and male winners, the 3 best cyclists of every category and the 3 best teams. Prize winners who do not take part in the official prize-giving ceremony will be excluded from next year's drawing of starting places.

For TV broadcasting reasons it would be great if during the prize-giving ceremony everyone wears his 2017 Finisher shirt.