Starting Order

There is a total of 4 starting blocks:

  • Group 1A: Well-known guests invited by the organizer  (max. 20 persons).
  • Group 1B: Athletes qualified for Group 1: All participants who have conquered the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon in less than 8:20 hours/men or 9:20 hours/ women in the last four years, have to start the race in the first block.
  • Group 1C: Certain cyclists invited by the organizing committee.

The access to the starting blocks 1A, 1B and 1C is possible before 06:30 am.

Group 2: All participants not belonging to the blocks 1A, 1B and 1C.

For the men‘s and women‘s overall rankings from 1-10 the order of passing the finish line will be relevant and not the race time. This regulation applies in the different classes for all rankings between 1 and 3.


Starting block 1 (Groups 1A, 1B, 1C) will leave exactly at 6:45 am. All cyclists of the first starting block get the same starting time (6:45 am). All the other participants start the marathon by using the Real Timing System: the time runs as soon as you pass the starting line. There are 8 more timekeeping points along the course; they must be passed by all participants. With one missing timekeeping information the cyclist will be disqualified.

Every cyclist has to pass the timekeeping areas/ lines correctly and check it for himself immediately.

The clocks displayed on several information boards – race director, presenter, closing car – measure the time passed from the official starting signal. In the start and finish area the exact time is displayed.