Passing on of starting places

It is possible to give the already paid starting place to another registered person who signed up regularly in February 2018. The service charge is € 50. Changes of participants can be made exclusively at the organizing committee between 06.06.2018 and 26.06.2018. A special form is available on request, the organizing committee can send it to the substitute participant.

All starting places subject to special conditions – e.g. sponsors, media and press representatives, promotions and quiz games, organizers‘ specials – are not transferable to third parties.

After checking all necessary data, the person who will receive the starting place gets a payment link: the fee for changing the registration and the handling fee amount to € 50 – it must be paid by 2 July 2018 at the latest. As soon as we receive the money transfer, the change of the registered person is official and also displayed in the starting list.

It is strictly forbidden to sell or auction a starting place – be it via internet platforms like eBay or any other similar channel. Every offer for sale will be prosecuted and both the vendor and the buyer will be suspended from the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon for the rest of their lives.


Official request deadline for passing on a starting place: 26 June 2018
Payment deadline: 2 July 2018


In general no refund is granted if the registered cyclist is not able to participate in the race and cancels his entry. Those who register online can take advantage of the cancellation insurance which refunds the entire entry fee and the chip deposit with a Datasport Voucher if the entry has to be cancelled due to injuries or illness. For more detailed information please take a closer look at the insurance terms and conditions. For cancellations not covered by insurance the following conditions apply: in case of a written cancellation sent directly to the organizer until 11 July 2018 the entry fee will be refunded. The deposit of € 10 for the chip will not be given back. The starting place is not valid for next year‘s marathon!