Race Service

Broom Cars

Participants who give up are strongly recommended to stay on the course and to wait for one of the „BROOM BUSES „. The event organizer will also publish the exact BROOM CAR LOCATIONS on several information boards on 31 August. The broom bus stations can be found near inns and gas stations along the marathon course, and in areas where the cyclists have enough space to wait for the next broom bus. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for damaged bicycles in the broom buses, during the race, at the refreshment stations and in the Bike Park. Bicycles and cyclists are taken back safely to Sölden but in separate cars. The Bike Park is located near the finish area (band stand). You can pick up your bicycle on presentation of your starting number or a valid photo ID card. Opening times of the Bike Park will be announced on Friday (check information boards). ALL bicycles must be picked up on Sunday, 02.09.2018 until 9:00 pm at the latest. For bicycles picked up later a fee of € 15 is charged. The pick-up place for bicycles after 9:00 pm, the official closing time of the Bike Park, will be announced (check information boards).


Along the marathon course, the organizer provides a number of service vehicles available for all cyclists. Service motorbikes can help with minor repairs only. But there are fully equipped service cars guided by experts who can help almost in any situation. This service is free of charge but the material must be paid separately. In addition, every refreshment station has a special service point. In most cases it can be found at the very end of the refreshment area. It is marked with a SERVICE FLAG. Here again, the service is free of charge but the material must be paid separately. Private service cars, which are not admitted by the organizing committee, result in the disqualification of the respective cyclists.


All participants can take advantage of the transport service for personal things to stations close to the refreshment areas, and they can as well leave things at the predefined stations along the course. There are separate bags (in 4 different colors) for all 4 deposit stations - Please note that each participant receives 1 bag on presentation of his voucher (can be found on the bib number) and that only this bag is accepted at the station. Besides clothes you can leave also food in your bag. Important: drinking bottles must either be empty (NO liquids!) or can contain powder. Water is available at all refreshment stations.

Opening times:

Leave your personal things:   Friday, 31.09.2018 – 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
                                               Saturday, 01.09.2018 – 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Pick-up your personal things:

Sunday, 02.09.2018 – Kühtai from 3.00 pm, Brenner Pass from 5.00 pm, Jaufen Pass from 6.30 pm and Timmelsjoch Pass from 9.30 pm. Pick-up until 10.30 pm.

Monday, 03.09.2018 –  8.00 am to 12.00 noon