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We proudly present… Ötztaler Radmarathon TV!

In the new, monthly webisode we will give you exclusive insights into the (popular) cycling event of the year. On Ötztaler Radmarathon TV we will discuss interesting facts about the marathon track, organization, preparation, etc. together with our studio guests. In addition to many tips and exciting insights, you can find all the news and highlights about the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2019 here.

Ötztaler Radmarathon TV on the Race Weekend

The race weekend has it all. We deliver great pictures of the ÖRM not only directly to the finish area and to all fans but also straight to your mobile phone, tablet and television set.

Our program starts on Friday with a live broadcast of the Bike4Help Prologue. On Saturday a special ÖRM TV broadcast is scheduled directly from the Expo area, followed by the obligatory briefing for all participants. The grand finals will take place on Sunday. The entire race day of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2019 will be broadcast live from the start at 6.30 am until the award ceremony at 9.00 pm. All programs can be watched on our social media channels and the homepage, as well as via many partners and platforms in German-speaking countries.

Program details from 5.00 pm - approx. 6.30 pm

  • ÖRM LIVE Studio
  • Presenters - Martin Böckle & Stefan Steinacher
  • Marathon course presentation
  • Highlights of the first two hours
  • Up-to-date information
  • Studio guests, interviews
  • Live pictures and voices along the track (the best at the end)
  • Preview for Saturday

Program details from 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

  • ÖRM LIVE Studio
  • Presenters - Martin Böckle & Stefan Steinacher
  • Studio guests
  • Expo tour
  • Highlights from the Prologue
  • TV program presentation for the race day
  • Cyclists' briefing

Program details from 6.30 am - approx. 9.30 pm

  • ÖRM LIVE Studio
  • Presenters - Martin Böckle, Stefan Steinacher, Michaela Mayer, Michael Nussbaumer, Sebastian Naier
  • From 6.30 am
  • LIVE from the start
  • Presentation, up-to-date information, interviews
  • Live pictures and voices along the track and from the air
  • Live images from the finish area in Sölden
  • Arrival of the last finisher
  • Prize-giving ceremony
  • Preview 2020


LIVE broadcast on the following channels:

  • Ötztaler Cycle Marathon, YouTube (website's homepage), Facebook
  • Alpentour TV online, YouTube (website's homepage), Facebook
  • Alpentour TV Television - channels via A1 TV and Magenta TV


Location: Top Mountain Crosspoint
Guests:  Nadja Prieling (3rd place ÖRM 2018)
Patrick  Hagenaars (3rd place ÖRM 2018)
Dominic Kuen Head of OC
  • Timmelsjoch Pass (snow removal)
  • New design - website, logo
  • Presentation of Ötztaler Radmarathon TV
  • Motto 2019 - Cooperation with Alpine Zoo
  • Interviews
Location: Aqua Dome
Guests:  Isabell Weninger (sports scientist)
Michael Deutschmann (academic mental coach)
Dominic Kuen Head of OC
  • Focus on performance diagnostics, endurance training and nutrition.
  • "The main aim is to convey the joy of exercise to people of all ages"
  • Focusing on mental coaching in amateur and competitive sports
  • "Reach the best performance at the time 'x' and strengthen your self-confidence - trust in your own abilities"
  • Bike4Help Prologue
  • Ötztaler in 2 days


Guests:  Thomas Rohregger - former pro
Ernst Lorenzi - former Head of OC and ÖRM mastermind
Dominic Kuen - Head of OC
  • first aid, depot, repair, food service, broom wagon
  • Pacemaker
  • Tips from the former cycling pro
  • Ötztaler cycle clothing


Guests:  Laura Stigger
Dominic Kuen - Head of OC
  • Finisher jersey (model Laura)
  • Interview Laura
  • Cup presentation and production
  • Supporting program (highlights such as race course viewing by helicopter)
  • Place to be - "fan zones"
  • Important details - getting here, parking, data sport, ...
  • 20°C

  • Live

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