Conditions of entry

1. Every cyclist over 19 years is allowed to participate in the marathon, cyclists over 16 years are only allowed to participate in the race if accompanied by their parents and upon presentation of a written confirmation of their parents when they pick up their starting number.

2. With the payment of the entry fee all participants accept the following conditions:
2A. Personal data, addresses and results are saved and processed via EDP systems.
2B. Name, year of birth, place of residence and team are published in the official start and result lists in the Internet, in newspapers and on public information boards.
2C. The event organizer or his authorized partners are allowed to take pictures of all participants, to make films and TV recordings which can be published without restrictions or time limits
2D. The event organizer transmits address data to sponsors and third parties for advertising purposes.

3. Every cyclist has to take with him a second inner tube.

4. In bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances the organizer has the right to shorten the course and change the time limits.

5. The race directors are entitled to disqualify cyclists who do not respect the regulations.

6. They are also allowed to suspend those participants who obviously will not reach the checkpoints in time.

7. Cycle helmets are compulsory.

8. In case of danger the authorities have the right to cancel or interrupt the event.

9. At any time the organizing committee is entitled to decide whether a registration is accepted or not, and to suspend a registered participant from the competition if the participant's behavior is harmful to the image of the event.

10. Registrations of cyclists who belong to a national or international association and have been banned from cycling because of doping are not accepted. 

11. Drug tests are possible at any time and without prior notice. Every participant must take part in these doping checks if requested by the official NADA Association. The organizing committee provides the appropriate premises on the spot.

12. A medical check-up is strongly recommended.

13. It is forbidden to participate in the cycle marathon with the bib number of another cyclist. Like any other violation of the rules established by the organizing committee, it will result in the immediate disqualification. Furthermore the cyclist will be suspended from the race for the following two years.

14. It is strictly forbidden to sell or auction a starting place – be it via internet platforms like eBay or any other similar channel. Every offer for sale will be prosecuted and both the vendor and the buyer will be suspended from the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon for the rest of their lives.

Please note

  • Traffic regulations (StVO) must be adhered to at all times, as the route is not entirely closed to public traffic.
  • Every participant rides at his/her own risk. The organizer accepts no responsibility for accidents or any other liability (including third party) before, during or after the event.
  • The cyclists should respect all orders given by race officials and policemen. Undisciplined riders will be disqualified and deleted from the official result list. Severe violations of traffic regulations will be reported to the responsible authorities, including all personal data.
  • For painting on the asphalt road or sidewalk you must use water-soluble colors. In case of violation participants can be disqualified and must pay the cleaning service. It is strictly forbidden to paint on WALLS or BUILDINGS, e.g. at Timmelsjoch pass. PLEASE keep to the rules!
  • Escort cars or accompanying cars ( as well as motorbikes, motor scooters, mopeds, E-bikes) are not allowed.
  • Medical assistance is provided by the Red Cross.
  • On the marathon course you find enough broom buses, service cars, service motorcycles, race directors, ambulance cars and one closing car.
  • The organizer does not accept any responsibility for damaged bicycles in the broom buses, during the race, at the refreshment stations and in the Bike Park.
  • Further road blocks without notice and additional waiting times up to one hour are always possible. The organizing committee provides enough service teams and assistants. Therefore accompanying cars are not necessary at all.
  • The coveted Ötztaler Finisher Shirt is only given to all those who finish the entire marathon course correctly, passing all check points and reaching the finish area of Sölden in the predetermined time. The closing vehicle signs the end of the race! Cyclists who are behind the closing car are not considered as a part of the race and must pay special attention to oncoming traffic! It is possible to return to the race if the cyclist can overtake the closing car. The closing car will keep strictly to the control times at the respective checkpoints.
  • The registration/entry status can be checked online at any time. All participants will receive a written confirmation and their starting number by e-mail until 06 August 2018. To avoid unnecessary waiting times this original starting place confirmation has to be signed and handed in when you pick up the starter' s package in Sölden. You need a valid photo ID card!
  • With the signature on the starting number confirmation, which has to be presented at the starter's package pick up, every participant accepts the general terms and conditions. All cyclists accept full responsibility for their health and physical condition. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for accidents during the marathon.


The organizing committee reserves the right to change the program at short notice. All official alterations can be checked on the official Ötztaler Cycle Marathon website www. Program changes and notifications will be announced on the occasion of the cyclists‘ meeting and on the information boards at the starters‘ package desk. Announced changes and alterations are valid and binding.