Women's and men's class:

General Class: up to 35 years - 1983
Master Class 1: up to 50 years - 1968
Master Class 2: up to 60 years - 1958
Master Class 3: over 60 years + 1957


Team ranking

Teams and clubs are allowed to take part in the team competition with a maximum of 35 participants. Therefore a separate team registration form is available. The name of the team/club entered in the registration form must be exactly the same. Every single team/club is responsible for its own, correctly written and identic names. To avoid errors, it is strongly recommended that team registrations are made by one single responsible of the entire team. Changes of team names after the official registration are subject to the same rules as changes of registered persons: € 40 for every change of team/club name.

Every team of 5+ cyclists automatically takes part in the Team Ranking, if the team name was registered identically. The five fastest members of each team enter the team ranking.